Start a MyDevSecOps chapter
Congratulations on taking the first step in learning more about joining our incredible community of DevSecOps leaders!

What is a chapter?

MyDevSecOps is a global, vendor-neutral community that connects developers, security and operations minded individual to educate and enable everyone to integrate security into their development practices. We invite the greatest security experts to share their knowledge, experience and best practices in an open and collaborative way.
These chapters are organized by volunteers around the world in communities big and small, with the support and collaboration of us, as well as other leaders around the world. If you are interested in supporting the MyDevSecOps mission and being a part of our global family, then apply for the role of a chapter leader and open a MyDevSecOps group today!

Benefits of being a chapter leader 

The MyDevSecOps team makes every effort to provide ongoing support and introduce you to an amazing global network of Community Group Leaders who have lots of great advice, insight, and encouragement!

  • Be recognized as a local leader in the DevSecOps space.

  • Create direct connections with the top DevSecOps speakers in the industry.

  • Grow relationships with other community leaders around the world.

  • Own your community with the support of a global team behind you.

  • Open up future career possibilities through a new network of influencers.

  • Get free training, swag, and event tickets!

  • Receive exclusive invitations to MyDevSecOps and DevSecCon events around the world 

How to start a new chapter

Running a MyDevSecOps community in your city, town or university can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your personal and professional career. However, it can also be pretty daunting, which is why our community team and talented group of leaders is here to help you get started, provide ongoing support and advice throughout the year.

When we receive your application, a MyDevSecOps Community team member will set up a call to discuss the next steps and ensure you understand the commitments of what you’re taking on.


Once approved, a chapter web page and mailing list will be set up for the new leader(s) and the chapter leader(s) will be given a MyDevSecOps email account. Additionally, every new chapter will be allocated a starting budget for events and start-up expenses. 

Already have a community?

If you already have an established community and want to bring it into the MyDevSecOps family, you’re welcome to do so! Get in touch with our Community team directly to find out how to become a part of our global community.

Not keen to merge your community with MyDevSecOps but want to share an event with our community members? That’s also great! All you need to do is complete this form to apply and have your event featured on our website as a community partner. 


The MyDevSecOps community is powered by Snyk Ltd. Our aim is to create a vendor-neutral space to share knowledge and best practices related to software security.

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